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Alberta Municipal Water/Wastewater Partnership (AMWWP)/ Water for Life

The Government of Alberta is helping to provide Albertans with access to clean drinking water and reliable water/wastewater treatment systems.

The Alberta Water for Life program and the Alberta Municipal Water/Wastewater Partnership (AMWWP) provide cost-shared funding to eligible smaller municipalities to assist in the construction of municipal water supply and treatment, and wastewater treatment and disposal facilities. Various initiatives have been included in the program to ensure the needs of Alberta municipalities are met.

Governments provide grants for more water and wastewater projects across Alberta

The Governments of Alberta and Canada are investing a combined total of more than $16 million in critical municipal drinking water or wastewater treatment facilities in four Alberta communities. In the towns of Vermilion, Barrhead and St. Paul, wastewater treatment plant upgrades will increase capacity and ensure cleaner water is released back into the environment. In the Municipal District of Pincher Creek, a new water reservoir for the Hamlet of Beaver Mines will ensure an emergency supply of clean drinking water is available at all times.

These investments are part of . To date, the federal government has invested more than $196.7 million in 66 water and wastewater projects in Alberta through the Clean Water and Wastewater Fund. The Government of Alberta has invested more than $102.5 million in 17 of these projects.

Alberta commits more than $131 million in grants to rural water projects

On May 29, 2017, the Government of Alberta more than $131 million in grants for new and existing water projects across the province. This funding is part of the Budget 2017 investment of $474 million in Water for Life and Alberta Municipal Water/Wastewater Partnership grant programs over four years.

Approved projects are:

  • 22 new water projects with total eligible costs of nearly $194 million to be built across most of Alberta, from Milk River to Dixonville, depending on the grant program source. The province will contribute more than $131 million for these projects.
  • Seven previously approved projects across southern Alberta communities that require additional funding, with total eligible costs of $5.4 million. The province will contribute $4.4 million for these cost revisions that are based on scope or cost changes.

This funding is over three years, based on the construction timelines of the projects. These are pay-on-progress programs.

The more than $131-million investment in 29 projects is expected to help sustain more than 900 jobs across the province as approved projects get underway.

Click here for the list of projects announced on May 29, 2017.

Clickhere for a map of approved projects announced on May 29, 2017.

Alberta-Canada sign new transit and water funding agreement.

The Government of Canada in funding for water and wastewater infrastructure in Alberta, through the . This contribution will be bolstered by more than $106 million from the Government of Alberta as well as funding from Alberta municipalities. This funding will help create jobs and support the development of more water projects, vital to quality of life and environmental protection, across the province.

Canada has also pledged more than $347 million in funding for through the with additional funding coming from the Government of Alberta and municipalities. Combining federal investments in public transit, clean drinking water and water/wastewater projects within existing provincial budgets means can move forward across the province. All levels of government are contributing funding in support of the transit and water projects.

Program Benefits

The program ensures that Albertans have access to safe water supplies and adequate wastewater treatment. All municipalities receiving assistance are encouraged to support Alberta companies and are required to use the private sector for all work undertaken. This program enhances life in smaller urban centers and allows municipalities to attract development to their communities.

Funding Policy

Funding is provided to cities (under 45,000 population), towns, villages, summer villages, regional commissions and eligible hamlets within rural municipalities for the construction of high-priority water supply and treatment and wastewater treatment and disposal facilities. Water distribution and/or sewage collection systems are not eligible for assistance.

Funding is provided as a percentage of eligible approved project costs. For those municipalities under 1,000 population, projects are cost-shared on a 75 percent Government/25 percent municipality basis. For communities over 1,000 population (to a maximum of 45,000 population), grant percentage ratios are calculated by a formula. The percentage ratio declines as the population increases.

Municipalities apply for funding on a project-by-project basis. In some cases, funding can be provided for regional facilities (serving more than one municipality) where a regional concept is more cost-effective and environmentally sound than a stand-alone system. Regional Water Systems receive funding under Water for Life.

The program also encourages water conservation and consumption-based rate structures. Under this initiative, municipalities could be subject to a 10 percent reduction in grants if they have no metering in place and the average annual consumption exceeds the norm for the area. This applies to both water and wastewater projects.

UpdatedJanuary 2018

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